Guest Post

So you want to write a guest post? Great! We'd love to showcase your work, so long as everything you have written was made completely by you.

Before you can write a post, please read these guidelines:
  • When you submit an article, it becomes ours. You are giving us the post to use, so you may not republish the post elsewhere and you may not submit a post that is already on your own website. This also gives us the rights to reject any submission, including but not limited to the reasons listed below.
  • Plagiarism isn't cool. It's also not legal, so please don't steal another person's article or any of ours. Go through our archives to make sure you aren't submitting a duplicate post.
  • If you want others to read your post, you need to make sure a majority of the post is spelled correctly and is grammatically correct. We understand a few mistakes, nobody's perfect, but if your post needs serious work, we will reject your submission. Also be sure to write your post as you would an essay, except at a new paragraph, hit "enter" or "return" and not "tab."
  • Please know what you're talking about. If we find factual mistakes, we will, again, reject your submission.
  • Posts should be at least 200 words long. Anything less won't be used and anything more is fine.
  • You may submit an unlimited amount of guest posts.
  • If we find your submission or writing style fits the website, you may be asked to become an official writer. But keep in mind that you will not be paid at all for your guest post or to become a writer. It's nothing personal, we just don't make money doing this ourselves!
Now that you've read all the rules, contact us to start writing!

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