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GeekOnIn is the one-stop blog for all things geek. With something for everyone and an open mind to allow all kinds of geeks to connect, we strive to be the premier location for all enthusiasts. Geeks can sign up for a free account, and can interact with other geeks, ask questions, chat, and create their own posts to be shared on the front page.


Anthony Guidetti - Founder
Anthony has been a geek all his life. From wanting to hold the camera at the age of 2, to making this geek site. Born and raised somewhere in the empire state of New York, he continues to geek on. (in).
Email: anthony@geekonin.com

Waffle - Co-Founder
Waffle, better known on his YouTube channel TheWaffleGalaxy, has been professionally gaming for two years. Living somewhere in the Waffle Universe, he also is a graphic designer and made that logo up there.
Email: waffle@geekonin.com

DISCLOSURE:  The views expressed by our authors and guest posts both on site and off site do not necessarily represent the views of GeekOnIn.

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