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How to Stream Over-The-Air TV to Your Streaming Device

For some people, over-the-air TV is all they need to be entertained and informed. There's local news, network shows, and syndicated programming, and it's all free. However, it's 2018 and that fancy smart box you have plugged into your TV needs something to do. You could watch over-the-air TV directly from the cable wire to your TV, but if you have multiple TVs and want to get the cable wire out of the room, here's a few smart solutions to over-the-air TV.

TiVo OTA - If you've recently cut cable, and you're looking for the closest experience to the cable box from the cable provider, the TiVo is as close as it gets. The interface is one of the best in the business, the remote is comfortable and designed well, and is highly rated among consumers. That level of polish comes at a price, $399. To add more TiVos to other TVs connecting back to the base TiVo, those cost $179 each. Services fees are included in the price, so there is no monthly fee, however, that price m…

Comparing Live TV Streaming Services

With rising cable prices, and an abundance of over-the-top internet cable TV services, it's never been easier to find alternatives to traditional cable TV. However, with rising competition, how can you figure out what the best option is?

It all boils down to what features and channels you would be okay with having or losing, as not all providers have the same feature and channel set. Where others have less channels, they have more perks, and vice versa. It also doesn't hurt to know what companies open what channels, for example, Disney owns ESPN, Viacom owns Comedy Central, and NBCUniversal or Comcast owns USA Network, so knowing the various media companies helps in finding out what channels will be available on each service. Here's a rundown of some of features of the top services you can sign up for today, and an extensive overview of Sling, as that is what I use.

Full Disclosure: I've been an on-and-off user of Sling since January 2017. In looking through my ema…