Why is Spotify so good, and the competition not so much?

I have been using Spotify roughly since its launch in the United States in 2011 as my main source of music. I've tried other services like Pandora, iHeart Radio, Apple Music, Google Play Music, and the ill-fated Groove Music and Grooveshark, but nothing else can compare with just how easy to use Spotify is. This isn't to say that the competition is simply bad, it's just not as good.

Spotify just works. It has a simple "add to my music" button to just put the damn song in my music folder. It has a download switch to just download my damn music. It lets me scrobble my music easily, although I don't know if that's something most people still care to do. The interface is dark, which is easy on the eyes, and it's simple to use. All the buttons you'd want to click are at the bottom of the app. It's fast to load songs when you click on them. Lastly, it's very social, you can see what your friends are listening to, and easily share playlists within your profile. I can't think of much to say negatively about Spotify. Why can't the competition just make a better music platform?

I'm starting to use Google Play Music because when I bought my new phone at the T-Mobile store, the friendly clerk asked how I get my music, and we got on a conversation of platforms. I told him I use Spotify AND have a YouTube Red subscription, and he couldn't believe that I would pay for both Google Play Music all access with YouTube Red, and Spotify when, in his opinion, Google Play Music is just as good. And of course, this made me question everything I know about everything. Why am I paying for Google Play Music when I never use it?

With my week of usage, I must say, Google Play Music is not bad, like the other music services. However, Spotify just understood me a lot better. Google Play Music likes to push its smart playlists that it figured out from what you have listened to and what's in your playlist, but it is simply not as smart as Spotify's Daily Mix playlists. Google Play Music's layout is also not as quick to use, and I prefer the dark color scheme of Spotify anyway, as a former Windows Phone user where the whole UI is dark themed.

Some positives of Google Play Music is the addition of all my songs I uploaded that you can't find on any music service, for example but not limited to: the Namco Museum theme song on GameCube, the Airplane movie music, and most of the songs from the movie Planes, Trains and Automobiles. Google Play Music is also much better at starting to play music right when a Bluetooth headset is connected to it, which I think is cool. Plus, when it is Casted to a Chromecast, I have the option to have a video of a fireplace play on the Chromecast, and I love that.

In conclusion, Spotify is just better. However, since I'm already paying for YouTube Red, I might as well use it. Besides, it's not that Google Play Music is incredibly bad, it's just not incredibly good, which is livable, and worth not spending $10 a month for two similar services.

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