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Why is Spotify so good, and the competition not so much?

I have been using Spotify roughly since its launch in the United States in 2011 as my main source of music. I've tried other services like Pandora, iHeart Radio, Apple Music, Google Play Music, and the ill-fated Groove Music and Grooveshark, but nothing else can compare with just how easy to use Spotify is. This isn't to say that the competition is simply bad, it's just not as good.

Spotify just works. It has a simple "add to my music" button to just put the damn song in my music folder. It has a download switch to just download my damn music. It lets me scrobble my music easily, although I don't know if that's something most people still care to do. The interface is dark, which is easy on the eyes, and it's simple to use. All the buttons you'd want to click are at the bottom of the app. It's fast to load songs when you click on them. Lastly, it's very social, you can see what your friends are listening to, and easily share playlists withi…

A Few Days with the T-Mobile REVVL Plus

I made a post expressing my confusion with T-Mobile's REVVL Line of budget-conscious phones a few months ago. I just couldn't understand why T-Mobile would spend the time to market their own phone in a golden age of budget to midrange smartphones, with me at the time using a Moto G5 Plus. Well, I shattered the screen on that phone a few days ago suffering a face-first drop from my pocket. That one hurt. At least it was paid off, so I went off to the T-Mobile store to pickup what I thought was going to be my next phone: the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active. I've always had a soft spot for the Active line with the huge battery, the rugged design, and the at one point IR Blaster to control my TV. However, the phone costs $850, and with a hefty down payment, tax, and activation fee, that adds up fast. So I quickly looked around to see what they had, and then I checked out the REVVL Plus.

What quickly enticed me was the $220 price tag for obvious reasons. The features also enticed me,…