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Microsoft Edge was Released in 2015 and It's Still Not Great. Why?

Windows 10 was a promise to users that it will constantly evolve, and adapt in an ever changing connected world. That I would agree with. Microsoft Edge was supposed to be Microsoft making a browser that wasn't just for downloading another browser. It was going to be modern, fast, and light. We still haven't completely gotten there yet. Why not?

Microsoft Edge when it first released with Windows 10 was horrendous. It was painfully slow, lacked features even Internet Explorer had (features IE did well, in fact), and was just odd to use. An "A" for effort could certainly be given, but it lacked in every other category. It's been almost three years now, and Edge is almost at a point where it can be considered usable, but we're still not there. Sure, Edge is much faster, and pretty to look at, but here's a list of things Microsoft simply needs to address.

Dragging links to the address bar, or tab bar
IE, Firefox, Chrome, and every other browser allows you to d…