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HP Deskjet 2655 Review: How Bad Can Budget Be?

We live in a darn-near paperless world, where email reigns, text messages replace the passed-notes, and phone reminders take over for sticky notes. However, there will be that one time you need to print that random thing, and a printer will come in handy. When you just need a basic wireless printer, how bad is buying the cheapest one?
I've decided to test this out. I purchased an HP Deskjet 2655 for dirt cheap, $25 on clearance, which is less than the cost of some printer's ink cartridges. It's not the smallest printer, but it's very light. In the package includes the USB cable, which doesn't come with many printers, the power cable, and the instructions. Since the printer does not have a touch screen, you will have to plug it into a computer for setup. You can visit for the link to the drivers and instructions, but if you have Windows 8 or 10, I recommend going to the Windows Store, and downloading an app called HP Smart, which makes the installa…