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Dell Latitude D630 Review: 10 Years Later

As a college student, it's very helpful to have a laptop to take from class to class. Whether it's for notes or research, the convenience alone of keeping organized digitally is something I find very helpful. However, I didn't want to take my daily laptop, the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro, for a few reasons. It's a pretty pricey laptop with lots of breakable parts, like the touchscreen. Plus, it has no removable battery, so should the battery crap out, it becomes useless. It's also light and thin, which is great, but that also raises the question of durability. So what's the solution? You may be surprised that I carry around, and enjoy using a laptop originally certified for Windows Vista. It's the Dell Latitude D630, which could very well be 10 years old. I did not buy it new back then, I bought this from a seller on eBay who refurbished it a bit. They gave it a new keyboard, and cleaned it up. Or, this lived its entire life docked on a desk. I don't know what li…

One Quick Trick to Make Windows (Possibly) Faster

A few years ago, I bought a used Dell Latitude E6510 with an Intel Core i7, and 8 GB of RAM with the intention of having a fast laptop. On paper, it sounded like it made sense. However, when I turned on the laptop, it was far from fast. I figured maybe this could be a slow hard drive, which it was. I was looking around in all the harder to find spots to see if something weird was wrong with the computer, such as a bad driver being installed. I then noticed when I hovered over the battery icon that the power setting was set to power saver. I did a quick Google search and found that, yes, that can slow down your computer!

To change this, or to see what your Windows power setting is set to can be found in one of two places. One way is to press Windows key and X. If you're running Windows 8 or above, a menu will pop up in the bottom left corner, and you're going to want to press Mobility Center. I believe on Windows 7, pressing Win + X just brings up the Mobility Center, but I do…