Revision3 Is No More

In 2005, Revision3 started life as a new media company, designed to fill the gap left by TechTV's acquisition and closure. DL.TV and also started the same year, with a greater focus on technology programming. Revision3 focused on tech, but also branched out to more unique types of content like Scam School with Brian Brushwood, Penn Point with Penn Jillette, and many, many others. Revision3 positioned itself as a destination that syndicated through other services like iTunes and YouTube. In 2012, Discovery Communications acquired the company, and started a network of other new media channels, while also becoming a YouTube network, and signing established YouTubers. Throughout the years, the shows associated with Revision3 started to go independent, along with Philip DeFranco's shows, and on March 31, 2017, the network was shut down, with the website redirecting to Seeker, a Group Nine Media company, formerly known as Discovery Digital Networks.

Revision3 was one of the first big new media companies, complete with its own studio at a time where most creators were just recording out of their bedrooms. It was a really cool network in a time where they weren't as prevalent as they are today. What's even sadder is the fact that the network's been shut down for a month, and I just noticed it today, with what seems to be no news site reporting on it, and no one making videos about the topic. Just as it is important to remember television networks that have gone under, it is also important to remember milestones in internet media. So long, Revision3.

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