Microsoft Should Release Windows 10 S for Free

Microsoft has decided to compete with iOS and Chrome OS in the education market with Windows 10 S, which is a new Windows RT. It is marketed as a streamlined OS built for performance and security, which basically just means that you can only run Windows Store apps, thus everything from the store must be safe, so there's no need to worry about viruses and other scary things. However, because everything you would do with the software gets touched by Microsoft in some way, be it the web browser being locked at both Edge and Bing as the search engine, and that all your apps come from Microsoft's Store, you'd think Microsoft would want to make this operating system free. Here's a couple reasons why they should.

  1. It will cut down on people using alternative operating systems. Sure, some people use Linux because they want to try it, or because they just like it, but some people just need to run any kind of operating system because either their hard drive died, or the computer was just running some really outdated version of Windows and they wanted something updated on it. Windows 10 S could certainly get the job done.
  2. There's no way they can't make money doing it. Like I said above, everything in Windows 10 S gets touched by Microsoft in some way. The web browser cannot be changed from Edge, the search engine can only be Bing, the Windows Store will serve apps that Microsoft gets a cut of, and Cortana gives you Bing results, which the company makes money from. It's a complete money circle, and even if you want to run non-Windows Store apps, you have to pay Microsoft to get Windows 10 Home installed.
  3. It will simply bring more people to the platform. Microsoft's big thing is getting one billion devices running Windows 10. What better way to do so than to just give it away for free? A user that needs an operating system gets to run something familiar, and Microsoft gets to add another sucker to the list of users. It's a somewhat win/win, depending on how the user feels about being a sucker.

Although Windows 10 S could use a better, less confusing name, it could certainly attract more users by allowing people to download it like a Linux distribution. It will also make the Windows Store more enticing for developers if users are forced to use it. Down the line, we'll see what Microsoft's plans are, but hopefully it'll be something more substantial than the mess that was Windows RT.

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