How to enable YouTube Dark Mode and Material Design

YouTube has gone through many redesigned over the past 12 some odd years, and here's another one coming your way. It's less of a major redesign as we've seen in the past with the One Channel layout, and the Channel 2.0 from 2009, but more of a UI redesign to follow in line with Google's Material design language.

The new redesign changes some settings menus, and even adds a new Dark Mode feature for folks like me who fall asleep to videos at night, and would prefer a darker screen. If you're an avid Google user, it makes using YouTube within Chrome look seamless, which is always nice.

The New YouTube is not enabled by default, but if you want to try it out, you can turn it on here, where it gives a preview for what to expect, and brags about how futuristic it is, and whatnot.

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