LG V20 Overheat and Battery Drain Issues

Let me just start out by saying that I miss my Note 7. I showed up both launch days for the dumb phone, and besides my old Nokia Lumia 1520, there's very few phones I miss. The Note 7 is definitely high on that list of great phones of mine. So after I had to turn it in, I was debating whether or not to just get an S7 Edge, or the at-the-time upcoming LG V20. LG at that point in time had released the G5 earlier which wasn't very good, and they had some issues with quality, but I figured why not. The V20 had features I wished the Note 7 had, like the IR Blaster, the second screen, and not as important, but nice to have, a removable battery. Having had this phone since late September, I can say that in the beginning, it was a great fast phone, but after about four or five months, things started to go downhill.

First issue I encountered was the battery not going further than 92%. Nothing would get it to go higher. I just figured that maybe it was when I was charging the phone, being that I have Android Auto on my car's radio, maybe that was messing it up. That, and the fact that I got it launch day, maybe I had some launch day bugs. Until one day, the battery drained itself completely dead, and when I went to charge it back up, it magically went up to 100% again. Odd, but then one week ago, I noticed that the phone would get very warm by the fingerprint scanner, and the battery couldn't last longer than two and a half hours, which is an issue. I decided to try a new battery to solve the issue, but that solved nothing. Finally, I decided to try a factory reset, and so far, that has solved the issue. The only thing I can say I installed that I noticed just afterwards caused the overheating was installed Skype Preview, but in checking the battery usage logs, it listed "Android System" using up 22% of the battery, so who knows.

Have you experienced any LG V20 issues similar to this? Considering I am the only person I know who has the V20, there's not many people I can ask. The phone otherwise has been great, but LG just needs to work on software polish a bit better. The Samsung experience was phenomenal. *sigh*

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