AT&T Offers a Low Speed Unlimited Data Plan For Some Reason

T-Mobile has done a lot of good for the wireless industry by forcing the large two to bring back their unlimited data plans. The other three wireless carriers brought back only one unlimited data plan, and that was for high-speed data. AT&T, offering the most expensive high-speed unlimited data plan saw an opportunity to lower their price, so they did: $60 gets you 3 MBPS speed unlimited data. And to that I ask, why?

The people that would most use an unlimited data plan also do not want to be capped at speed. Being a former Cricket Wireless user, I know how annoying it is to be speed capped. I went from AT&T to Cricket Wireless with the assumption it would be the same service, just with a different name, and different way of buying phones, and boy was I surprised. Yes, the same great coverage from AT&T was the same, and the, at the time, Nexus 6P worked great as expected, but the speed was a significant decrease. The phone would show 4G LTE, but I would experience speeds reaching up to 9 MBPS and that's it. Sometimes lower, but never higher. It made me rarely want to stream anything to the device, because videos would take longer than usual to load, and everything just chugged along. However, I understand that because Cricket is prepaid phone company, so even though it was annoying, I kind of had to roll with it at that price. Now it is true that at $60, AT&T lite unlimited data plan more closely competes with rivals, but who in their right mind would want a slow data plan? Anyone that wants unlimited doesn't want to be limited by speed, so who is this plan for? Anyone that streams regularly won't touch it, and if you just need a basic data plan for GPS navigation and the occasional Google search, why not just get the 6 GB plan for the same price? I suppose it's good for families that want to save money on large multi-phone plans while not worrying about running out of data, but that will quickly get old when it takes longer than 5 seconds to do anything online.

It's great AT&T is giving customers a choice, I just don't understand why anyone would take this new option.

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