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Alcatel Idol 4S with Windows: Another Chance at Windows Phone

There are very few phones that I have had that I have absolutely loved. The Note 7 is very much on the list, but my various Windows Phones absolutely make the top of the list. I started my love of Windows Phone with the Samsung Focus back in 2011 or so, when it was just a mere penny for a two-year contract. Back when Windows Phone 7 was the only different and exciting platform, at least to my eyes. I switched to an iPhone after almost a year due to me shattering the screen. But there was always that desire for the iPhone for the fact that apps were just there, and everyone was on iMessage. I then decided to switch back and get the Nokia Lumia 920. Windows Phone 7.5 was a good step, but Windows Phone 8 was gorgeous. However, my first 920 accumulated dust in the front-facing camera somehow, which was covered under my warranty, and my second 920's vibration motor stopped working. AT&T very nicely upgraded me for free for being delightful, I can only assume, and I got the top of …

LG V20 Overheat and Battery Drain Issues

Let me just start out by saying that I miss my Note 7. I showed up both launch days for the dumb phone, and besides my old Nokia Lumia 1520, there's very few phones I miss. The Note 7 is definitely high on that list of great phones of mine. So after I had to turn it in, I was debating whether or not to just get an S7 Edge, or the at-the-time upcoming LG V20. LG at that point in time had released the G5 earlier which wasn't very good, and they had some issues with quality, but I figured why not. The V20 had features I wished the Note 7 had, like the IR Blaster, the second screen, and not as important, but nice to have, a removable battery. Having had this phone since late September, I can say that in the beginning, it was a great fast phone, but after about four or five months, things started to go downhill.

First issue I encountered was the battery not going further than 92%. Nothing would get it to go higher. I just figured that maybe it was when I was charging the phone, bei…

AT&T Offers a Low Speed Unlimited Data Plan For Some Reason

T-Mobile has done a lot of good for the wireless industry by forcing the large two to bring back their unlimited data plans. The other three wireless carriers brought back only one unlimited data plan, and that was for high-speed data. AT&T, offering the most expensive high-speed unlimited data plan saw an opportunity to lower their price, so they did: $60 gets you 3 MBPS speed unlimited data. And to that I ask, why?

The people that would most use an unlimited data plan also do not want to be capped at speed. Being a former Cricket Wireless user, I know how annoying it is to be speed capped. I went from AT&T to Cricket Wireless with the assumption it would be the same service, just with a different name, and different way of buying phones, and boy was I surprised. Yes, the same great coverage from AT&T was the same, and the, at the time, Nexus 6P worked great as expected, but the speed was a significant decrease. The phone would show 4G LTE, but I would experience speeds r…