Misleading Website Builder Prices

Over the past week, I've been trying to revive GeekOnIn by finding a home for it. When the site first started in 2012, I was using Blogger at the time, and it worked just fine, but I wanted to find a different home where I could add more features to the site. I got a good deal on a web host, and used WordPress, which I love. Over time, the host I was using went out of business, so I moved to Tumblr, which just didn't work well. The idea of using Tumblr was to have an easier system for guest posts, but Tumblr is just not designed for blogs, the way I was looking to set one up anyway. This last happened in 2014, and since then, a lot has changed for web makers.

Initially, I was searching for a web host, and just found that for what I wanted to do, they were just too expensive for a monthly plan, and every time I thought I found a decent price, it was the discounted price they advertised if you were to prepay for 4 years in advance. After I found that out, I was less than enthused to pay them money. Then I started looking for website builders like Squarespace, Weebly, and Wix. Squarespace was just priced a bit too high, and luckily they tucked the info about the higher monthly rate neatly at the top so you can easily see it. Weebly also did some hiding of the monthly rate, so I didn't even consider them. I then noticed Wix didn't seem to have any asterisk around its price and started to build the website, and get it designed the way I wanted. As I was about to start a plan with them, the checkout page listed that if I wanted to pay monthly for the plan, it would be higher than the price advertised. So now, I'm done. This is extremely misleading for customers. Sure, it's not a complete lie, the price costs $10 a month, for 12 months, but it should seriously list that somewhere in the pricing. When I sign up for Spotify, it says $9.99 a month because they charge you $9.99 a month. When I sign up for Amazon Prime, they could advertise it as $8.25 a month because it's a $99 a year subscription, but they don't because that's needlessly confusing. Had Wix listed in the pricing grid at the top, or even in the fine print at the bottom of the grid, that the price won't be as low as it says, I never would've even signed up for Wix, let alone waste my time designing a website there.

For now, Blogger works great for what it is. It's a great free tool, and the only issue I have with it is Google is very slow to update it, and keep it fresh. You get what you pay for I guess, at least Google is just being honest about the pricing here.

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