How to Stream Over-The-Air TV to Your Streaming Device

For some people, over-the-air TV is all they need to be entertained and informed. There's local news, network shows, and syndicated programming, and it's all free. However, it's 2018 and that fancy smart box you have plugged into your TV needs something to do. You could watch over-the-air TV directly from the cable wire to your TV, but if you have multiple TVs and want to get the cable wire out of the room, here's a few smart solutions to over-the-air TV.

TiVo OTA - If you've recently cut cable, and you're looking for the closest experience to the cable box from the cable provider, the TiVo is as close as it gets. The interface is one of the best in the business, the remote is comfortable and designed well, and is highly rated among consumers. That level of polish comes at a price, $399. To add more TiVos to other TVs connecting back to the base TiVo, those cost $179 each. Services fees are included in the price, so there is no monthly fee, however, that price m…

Comparing Live TV Streaming Services

With rising cable prices, and an abundance of over-the-top internet cable TV services, it's never been easier to find alternatives to traditional cable TV. However, with rising competition, how can you figure out what the best option is?

It all boils down to what features and channels you would be okay with having or losing, as not all providers have the same feature and channel set. Where others have less channels, they have more perks, and vice versa. It also doesn't hurt to know what companies open what channels, for example, Disney owns ESPN, Viacom owns Comedy Central, and NBCUniversal or Comcast owns USA Network, so knowing the various media companies helps in finding out what channels will be available on each service. Here's a rundown of some of features of the top services you can sign up for today, and an extensive overview of Sling, as that is what I use.

Full Disclosure: I've been an on-and-off user of Sling since January 2017. In looking through my ema…

Why is Spotify so good, and the competition not so much?

I have been using Spotify roughly since its launch in the United States in 2011 as my main source of music. I've tried other services like Pandora, iHeart Radio, Apple Music, Google Play Music, and the ill-fated Groove Music and Grooveshark, but nothing else can compare with just how easy to use Spotify is. This isn't to say that the competition is simply bad, it's just not as good.

Spotify just works. It has a simple "add to my music" button to just put the damn song in my music folder. It has a download switch to just download my damn music. It lets me scrobble my music easily, although I don't know if that's something most people still care to do. The interface is dark, which is easy on the eyes, and it's simple to use. All the buttons you'd want to click are at the bottom of the app. It's fast to load songs when you click on them. Lastly, it's very social, you can see what your friends are listening to, and easily share playlists withi…

A Few Days with the T-Mobile REVVL Plus

I made a post expressing my confusion with T-Mobile's REVVL Line of budget-conscious phones a few months ago. I just couldn't understand why T-Mobile would spend the time to market their own phone in a golden age of budget to midrange smartphones, with me at the time using a Moto G5 Plus. Well, I shattered the screen on that phone a few days ago suffering a face-first drop from my pocket. That one hurt. At least it was paid off, so I went off to the T-Mobile store to pickup what I thought was going to be my next phone: the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active. I've always had a soft spot for the Active line with the huge battery, the rugged design, and the at one point IR Blaster to control my TV. However, the phone costs $850, and with a hefty down payment, tax, and activation fee, that adds up fast. So I quickly looked around to see what they had, and then I checked out the REVVL Plus.

What quickly enticed me was the $220 price tag for obvious reasons. The features also enticed me,…

Microsoft Edge was Released in 2015 and It's Still Not Great. Why?

Windows 10 was a promise to users that it will constantly evolve, and adapt in an ever changing connected world. That I would agree with. Microsoft Edge was supposed to be Microsoft making a browser that wasn't just for downloading another browser. It was going to be modern, fast, and light. We still haven't completely gotten there yet. Why not?

Microsoft Edge when it first released with Windows 10 was horrendous. It was painfully slow, lacked features even Internet Explorer had (features IE did well, in fact), and was just odd to use. An "A" for effort could certainly be given, but it lacked in every other category. It's been almost three years now, and Edge is almost at a point where it can be considered usable, but we're still not there. Sure, Edge is much faster, and pretty to look at, but here's a list of things Microsoft simply needs to address.

Dragging links to the address bar, or tab bar
IE, Firefox, Chrome, and every other browser allows you to d…

How to Maximize your Productivity with Google Apps

Google is a fantastic productivity source for getting work done all in one Google account. With Google Drive, Calendar, Sites, and other apps, keeping track of what you need to do can be easy if you know how to maximize your experience.

1. Make a personal homepage for keeping track of daily plans
Homepages aren't as popular as they once were, with most people just using a search engine for their homepage, like... Bing I guess. If you need to keep track of what's due every day, you might want to consider making your own personal homepage with Google Sites. Google Sites can be used to make websites for the whole world to visit, but you can also set it up so only you can view it. You can put specific Google Calendars on the page, a Google Presentation slideshow of a to-do list, or whatever helps you be the most productive.

2. Create multiple calendars for specific tasks
We all have different categories for events that have due dates, or appointments to keep track of, so instead of …

Tips to Make Your Computer Start Faster

We live in a world where if it doesn't happen instantly, it might as well never happen. The same goes for your computer, which is why most of the world seems to not use them anymore. Smartphones and tablets are in because they're lightning fast, but your computer may not be. Here are some helpful tips to try to speed up that old Windows machine.
1. Replace your Hard Disk Drive with a Solid State Drive If you bought a low-end computer, chances are it came with a HDD, or Hard Disk Drive, which is a mechanical spinning drive. Just like anything that moves, over time, it will degrade. Not to mention many low-end machines come with really slow hard drives to begin with. If your computer is easy to upgrade, consider purchasing a Solid State Drive. Your phone and tablet have one, which is part of the reason why they're fast. I bought one on Amazon for $40, and while it is tiny at 60 GB, the speed increase in dramatically fast, especially at startup.
2. Consider Upgrading the RAM Th…