One Quick Trick to Make Windows (Possibly) Faster

A few years ago, I bought a used Dell Latitude E6510 with an Intel Core i7, and 8 GB of RAM with the intention of having a fast laptop. On paper, it sounded like it made sense. However, when I turned on the laptop, it was far from fast. I figured maybe this could be a slow hard drive, which it was. I was looking around in all the harder to find spots to see if something weird was wrong with the computer, such as a bad driver being installed. I then noticed when I hovered over the battery icon that the power setting was set to power saver. I did a quick Google search and found that, yes, that can slow down your computer!

To change this, or to see what your Windows power setting is set to can be found in one of two places. One way is to press Windows key and X. If you're running Windows 8 or above, a menu will pop up in the bottom left corner, and you're going to want to press Mobility Center. I believe on Windows 7, pressing Win + X just brings up the Mobility Center, but I do…

Which Streaming TV Box Is Right For You?

We live in a smart world, where everything needs to be connected. We have smartphones, smart homes, and smart TVs. However, what if your TV isn't smart, or maybe not smart enough? That's where a streaming box comes into play. A streaming box allows you to connect to the internet to play content from Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, Pandora, Spotify, and iHeart Radio just to name a few. So, when you're shopping for a good streaming box, here's a list of the major ones, and the pros and cons of them. I'm excluding boxes that handle over-the-air, or cable like Channel Master, and TiVo because streaming is only part of the goal there, and I'm excluding Android TV boxes because those are developed by third-party folk.
The Major PlayersRoku - Of all the companies on this list, Roku is the only one that solely makes streaming boxes, and they've been doing so since 2008, starting out as a Netflix box. They've evolved over the years to allow more content, and even beat …

BlackBerry 10: A late look at the aging OS

I remember writing about BlackBerry 10 way back in 2013, where although I was impressed by the polish of the operating system, I was also at the time very much into Windows Phone, and felt that BB10 was merely just playing catch up with Microsoft. Had I not been so much in love with the Lumia 920, or 1520 that I had at the time, who knows, maybe I would've given BlackBerry a whirl at the time, because they were mighty purdy. Fast forward a year from 2013, and BlackBerry wasn't doing much better at adding users to its platform. Finally, in 2015, BlackBerry announced the Priv, the company's first Android device, thus sending a signal that BlackBerry 10 is no longer the BlackBerry's priority. So how does BlackBerry 10 run in 2017, in a world where Windows Phone can no longer maintain a market share above a full percentage point?

Let's first talk about the device itself. The phone of choice is the Q10. Why? Because what is a BlackBerry without a physical keyboard? Now …

Microsoft Should Release Windows 10 S for Free

Microsoft has decided to compete with iOS and Chrome OS in the education market with Windows 10 S, which is a new Windows RT. It is marketed as a streamlined OS built for performance and security, which basically just means that you can only run Windows Store apps, thus everything from the store must be safe, so there's no need to worry about viruses and other scary things. However, because everything you would do with the software gets touched by Microsoft in some way, be it the web browser being locked at both Edge and Bing as the search engine, and that all your apps come from Microsoft's Store, you'd think Microsoft would want to make this operating system free. Here's a couple reasons why they should.

It will cut down on people using alternative operating systems. Sure, some people use Linux because they want to try it, or because they just like it, but some people just need to run any kind of operating system because either their hard drive died, or the computer …

Third-Party Apps You Get Installed on a Fresh Windows 10 Installation

There's a fantastic feature of Windows 10 that makes reinstalling Windows a breeze. On one of my laptops, I had a hard drive fail. Not a problem, it was a horrendously slow HDD and I was interested in letting it scream with a SSD. The only issue was at the time, I didn't know that Windows 10 saved information about the motherboard so I could reinstall Windows 10 as easy as installing Ubuntu. Or MacOS. So for a year I was running various flavors of Ubuntu before I realized that today, on May 6th, 2017, I could just throw Windows 10 on a USB Drive and be back in Redmond. Well, it worked. Now here's the fun part: I get to see how much crap Microsoft throws your way on this Windows 10 Pro fresh installation. In this list, I'll only be including apps that aren't made by Microsoft for the benefit of the user, or that just have no reason to be preinstalled. Also note, that I have not personally entered the Windows Store to download anything, these are all apps that decid…

How to enable YouTube Dark Mode and Material Design

YouTube has gone through many redesigned over the past 12 some odd years, and here's another one coming your way. It's less of a major redesign as we've seen in the past with the One Channel layout, and the Channel 2.0 from 2009, but more of a UI redesign to follow in line with Google's Material design language.

The new redesign changes some settings menus, and even adds a new Dark Mode feature for folks like me who fall asleep to videos at night, and would prefer a darker screen. If you're an avid Google user, it makes using YouTube within Chrome look seamless, which is always nice.

The New YouTube is not enabled by default, but if you want to try it out, you can turn it on here, where it gives a preview for what to expect, and brags about how futuristic it is, and whatnot.

Revision3 Is No More

In 2005, Revision3 started life as a new media company, designed to fill the gap left by TechTV's acquisition and closure. DL.TV and also started the same year, with a greater focus on technology programming. Revision3 focused on tech, but also branched out to more unique types of content like Scam School with Brian Brushwood, Penn Point with Penn Jillette, and many, many others. Revision3 positioned itself as a destination that syndicated through other services like iTunes and YouTube. In 2012, Discovery Communications acquired the company, and started a network of other new media channels, while also becoming a YouTube network, and signing established YouTubers. Throughout the years, the shows associated with Revision3 started to go independent, along with Philip DeFranco's shows, and on March 31, 2017, the network was shut down, with the website redirecting to Seeker, a Group Nine Media company, formerly known as Discovery Digital Networks.

Revision3 was one of the …